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Jacket Burberry / T-Shirt Midnight Studios / Trousers Burberry / Shoes Pierre Hardy

Tell us about the start of your solo career, moving to LA with an independent label, uploading original music to YouTube and streaming platforms…

I was 17 and the opportunity of moving to LA was right there in front of me. My parents were my biggest supporters and even though I was a bit scared, I knew it was the right thing to do. Charlie Guerrero and Paloma Hecht (my managers) always dreamt big and really wanted to start from zero in a new inspiring city, and stronger than anything. We moved to LA with our independent label Bakab Records and started making music. Put up a few covers and original musical in both Spanish and English and about a year after we joint ventured with Warner Latina. Iñigo Zabala has been the biggest supporter in my career. I’m grateful for the team we’ve created.

We always really wanted to do us, not do it the way the industry would tell us to do things, we really just care about the art, staying true to ourselves, being good and having fun.

With so much success at such a young age what has kept you grounded?

Honestly, my people. I am surrounded by people who respect and admire me but don’t treat me as if I were made of “gold.” (In a good way.) Staying humble is key. Always remember who you are and how you got there. Always keep in mind that we’re here for the people, to be compassionate and caring to others. I really don’t have time to be my own rock and one can always acknowledge how amazing they are but still being grounded and kind.

What has your experience been as a young woman in the music industry?

Figuring out who I am as a person and artist. Learning about the business and learning little by little how to move and do things myself (business wise of course). Not to wait for anyone or anything to happen is a miracle. That there are a lot of talented people around the world and that my place won’t always be mine if I don’t work extra hard. Also realized that a lot of artist aren’t really that musically talented but they dream and work hard and they become extremely successful. Being patient, disciplined, persistent.. to not see my family as often as I would want to. To grow faster, to have money at a young age whilst learning how to manage and invest it. That being a woman in the music industry, especially the Latin one it’s a bit harder.. because I really think that you have to prove more.. etc..

You’ve collaborated with some incredible musicians; Jason Delrulo, Rita Ora, Anitta – Who has been your favorite to work with?

All of them really! It’s a dream come true. Completely thankful to them for wanting to be part of my journey. Specially because I’m a huge fan of them.

Jacket Burberry / T-Shirt Midnight Studios / Trousers Burberry / Shoes Pierre Hardy

Who would your dream collaborator be?

J Balvin, John Mayer, C. Tangana, Dua Lipa, Residente, and many many more really.

How did your new song R.I.P come together?

I wrote it with my core team Chaz, Shari, Omar and Thomas Augusto (a great friend and singer). I really wanted to push the limit and talk about something deeper which we all need to remind ourselves (say bye to your bullshit and reminding yourself that’s all in you), keep it fun, with a girl empowering team from different places around the world mixing all of our cultures together.. I’m really proud of it!

What was your experience shooting the video? Did you know Anitta or Rita previous to filming?

I knew Anitta for about 2 years  and met Rita a couple months earlier. Love them both!!! Shooting was super fun because we were already like friends.

You have a large social media following. How do you ensure you’re using your platforms in a healthy way?

I try to be healthy myself. The best version of me for me and for my fans, daily. I think that the world needs more influencers/leaders/voices that spread good, positive, authentic, empowering things out there. I really want to be one.

You take a lot of risks with your fashion. What has been your most memorable look?

Nothing better than taking risks!!! Mmm probably wearing wigs to red carpets, it’s a new thing and I’ve been loving it.

Jacket Burberry / T-Shirt Midnight Studios / Trousers Burberry / Shoes Pierre Hardy

What can we expect on your next album?

The Sofia right now. My life in songs and the creative stage where I’m at. Finding and experimenting. I also have a clearer idea of who I am as an artist and how my music represents me and that’s really exciting and liberating. I’ve also been collaborating with dream artists and my album will have lots of collabs which is really exciting. I can’t wait to release the album I’ve been working on for you all.