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Full Look Fendi 

You are a young self made entrepreneur that’s dominating the fashion industry, how did you get your break and what has the journey been like up to this point?

I started in 2013 by sharing my daily life on Instagram with my followers. So far it has been quite exciting indeed. I can’t really point out to a certain break, it evolved naturally or at least that is how it feels to me. I’ve got the chance to work with great

brands such as Prada, Fendi, Mac etc. I feel privileged and grateful to have had these experiences.

ou have a massive audience on social media and have garnered real success through the quality of your platform. How do you deal with the pressure to keep up with it all?

Every day is a new day with new energy and opportunities to take. Yes, the pressure is big from time to time. As you know, I have been doing everything on my own, planning, organizing, structuring, travelling, attending shows, photo shoots etc. But since I am having such joy with what I am doing, I am keeping up mostly. Of course, as in every other job too, there are good days and bad, which I consider normal and therefore keep going.

Your personal style is always impeccable. Has dressing in this way always come natural to you? Do you have help? What is the process behind each look?

No, I don’t have help in creating outfits. I put on, what I feel like wearing that day and mostly it turns out to be an outfit I feel good in. Comfort is important to me, I wouldn’t wear anything I don’t like or feel uncomfortable in.

You’ve had incredible achievements from appearing in a recent Fendi campaign with Sarah Jessica Parker to walking the runway for Dolce Gabbana. What has been your career highlight so far?

They were tremendous experiences for me, indeed. There are so many moments in my career, where I had to pinch myself. To just name a few… I shot campaign with

Peter Lindbergh, created my own lipstick for MAC cosmetics, was on the cover of different magazines etc.

Dress Valentino - Dress Christopher Kane / Bag TINGS for Giosa / Shoes Clergerie

Do you have any advice for young fashionistas wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Since in my case everything developed naturally, there is no certain recommendation such as “do this, and you’ll be fine”, but I can say, that loving what you do and working on it with great discipline every day seems essential.

You’re a fashion week staple and a red carpet regular… What has been your favorite look you have ever worn?

Oh there are so many…and if you ask my family and friends I am known for being super indecisive. Recently I especially loved my PRADA look I wore for the resort show in New York!

What is one thing in your closest that you can’t live without?

Oh one is difficult to say! Can we make three? Comfy pair of jeans, black boyfriend blazer and lots of jewelry.

What fragrance do you wear?

Lately I have been using L’Interdit by Givenchy.

Heels or Flats?


Dress or Pantsuit?


Red Lip or Nude Lip?

Nude lip.

Skirt & Top Richard Malone / Shoes Mulberry

You travel the majority of the year? Do you have a favorite city?

I love being in Los Angeles. But there are way more cities that I like.

What do you enjoy doing on a day off?

There is no day off! There really is always something to do. But let’s say, hours off, then I love spending time with my family and friends in my hometown Hamburg.

What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

Posting a picture is all I do.

Aside from fashion what else are you passionate about?

I love doing all kinds of sports. Have been into sports since my childhood. I used to play soccer and tennis.

What is a career goal that you still have left to achieve?

I would love to focus on acting in the future… I played theatre for 3 years back in the days and I actually wanted to study acting. I am taking acting classes and I would love to like to get more into that field.