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How did you get your break in the Industry?

I got a series of amazing opportunities in my journey as a make-up artist. When I first started doing make-up, it was the early days of MTV music videos. My room mate was a film costumer, but was working on a lot of music videos. She offered to recommend me to a production company she worked regularly with.

This was just one of the “breaks” I got, but I expanded on this, because it gave me intense, but very valuable training. Not only would I do all of the band or lead singer(s) by myself, but [often times] multitudes of dancers and/or background talent. It really gave me the opportunity to experiment and hone my skills with all kinds of faces and in all kinds of extreme situations, often with very little time.

I’m self taught, so my approach to make-up was always to figure out how to do something better than the last time. I had to be my own teacher and my problem solving nature was put to the test with learning challenges that help me to this day

What is your idea of beauty?

Outer beauty is idealistic and inner beauty is realistic, and to me, is the truest incarnation of “beauty” because it transcends physicality and is more authentic and impactful.

What is one product you are never without?

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eye Pencil is the perfect long wear eye pencil I always have in my kit. Noir Intense 88 (black) and Expresso 20 (dark brown) are my constant go-to shades as their texture is creamy for smooth application and is long lasting and so versatile. I use them in a variety of ways for creating strong lines or depth along lash line. For softer looks, it can be easily smudged before it “sets up” and becomes bulletproof. Also for lining the inner rims of eyes, its rounded shape is gentle and keeps its intensity. The waterproof formula doesn’t dry out, fade or travel.

What’s your ultimate beauty tip?

Brows are the first feature I work on, as they’re the frame of the face. Whether a strong, structured or soft subtle eyebrow, to easily fill in and correct the shape, I first very lightly dust the entire eyebrow area with translucent powder to create a non-oily surface to draw on which also helps with staying power for eyebrow pencil or product. Brush brows down to find the bare areas to fill in then brush brows up or horizontally into place

What has been your career favorite look?

I tried to think of one image or job that has been a favorite, there a more than a few. But what comes to mind as the ultimate in my career, is when I got the dream job of working with and doing make-up on the awesome and brilliant David Bowie and Tilda Swinton for the Floria Sigismondi directed “The Stars Come Out Tonight” music video which also included the make-up on supermodels Saskia de Brauw, Andra Pejic and Iselin Steiro for the video. After working on that, I joked I could happily retire, because even after a long career doing so much and so many things, I don’t think I could ever top that wonderful, fantastic, phenomenal experience. It was life changing!

Who is your beauty Icon?

Tina Chow. For me, as a young girl there were few Asian women in high fashion. Her beauty, effortless chic style and panache I find inspirational and still impresses me. And I was blessed with the honor of doing her make-up for Vanity Fair magazine, just before her unfortunate passing (and years later, make-up on her beautiful daughter, China).

Who do you follow on Instagram that you think other people should follow?

@vintage, @vintagefashion,

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