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How were you discovered?

I was scouted a bunch of times but I finally got the courage to walk into Select Model Management when I was 15.

Were you always interested in the fashion industry?

Not the industry. I just lovvvveeeee expensive clothes.

What was your first modeling job?

Italian Vogue.

How were those first years working in such a competitive industry?

So much fun! I had the best time meeting mates and getting free booze at clubs when I was 15 and meeting the most amazing talented people.

At what point did you feel like modeling could be a sustainable career?

I never did or even thought about it! I was just having so much fun!

You have been on countless covers and have been the featured in dozens of campaigns so what has been some of your favourite experiences and career highlights?

To be honest I love every one but obviously being on a Steven Meisel set is so beyond.

What is the advice you would give your 15 year old self?

You’re good girl!

What is one thing in your closet you can’t live without?

Everything! I love everything. I have so many special pieces.

Describe your style? What is your favourite designer to wear? What is your go to look?

I can’t really describe, I’ll wear anything, literally anything!

What has been your most expensive purchase?

Oh God I can’t say but it would make you throw up.

What are you most confident about?

I’m quite confident. I don’t take shit and I live life to the fullest.

Who do you admire most?

My closest friends and my future husband and the baby in my tummy and of course Jed Root.

Who is your closest friend in the industry?

If I say that I’ll get stabbed by a queen. I love all my friends equally! I can count my friends on one hand and I like it that way. Don’t trust no bitch.

What is your fitness and health regime? Do you work out every day? Do youdiet?

Oh God! Nothing!!! It was to party but now that I’m pregnant and becoming a mummy I’ve stopped all that and am boring – eating donuts allday and watching trash TV.

What is the last thing you Googled?

Funny baby onesies.

Where are you most happy?

At home with the love of my life and my two beautiful step children and of course our dog Lily.

What fragrance do you wear?


What do you find attractive?

My big bear.

How do you think the fashion industry needs to change?

I mean it changes every year. It’s always moving but I’m not a fan of the

whole cheap plastic look. I’m more of a classy girl.