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The hard to ignore, flirtatious underwear as outerwear trend has definitely made a return after its initial preview earlier in the decade in 2010. It was first seen on the likes of Lady Gaga earlier in her career and Rihanna. Now that the style has regained its popularity, it has been featured at major events on the likes of Bella Hadid and Dianna Argon, the high street and in couture fashion shows.

Not for the modest amongst us, the revealing style has taken on new heights and attitude. From bralettes, sheer mesh and wearing your silk night slip as a dress during day, it’s all about daring to bare. Yet despite the bravery required, the return of the underwear as outerwear look is seamless, romantic and overtly elegant in contrast to the earlier introduction a few years ago. The undergarments you choose to reveal are designed to blend or contrast with your everyday casual staples as much as you desire them to.

We pulled together our favorite tips to make the look work for those who want to take this luxurious trend to the streets.


The amazing thing about sheer fashion pieces is you can control how much you intend to reveal. For those who would prefer to only show a hint of cleavage or leg, sheer allows you to display your assets behind a veil. A sheer dark coloured body suit or top with a secret vest offers modesty for those of us who are just dipping our toes in the trend, whilst a sheer slip over a shorter dress or skirt adds tone and contrast.


A petite silk nightdress is a playful, youthful option that provides a subtler take on the theme. This look is down to personal interpretation; the soft fabric and detailing of the nightdress can be either dressed up with nude heels and a flowing kimono for evening or dressed down with a t-shirt underneath and a pair of your most loved trainers. Either way, the nightdress is a versatile wardrobe item that transforms an outfit immediately.


When it comes to bras and corsetry, things can begin to get a little technical. We all need different styles, size requirements and types of support and often the stores do not provide everything that each girl needs. Despite how generic lingerie can sometimes be, there is a way to make the bralette trend work for you, though it takes some dedication to find the support and fit you need. The look can be worn in several ways, hinting from beneath low fastened buttons to worn over the top of your boyfriend’s shirt with oversized sleeves, it’s all about how much you want to give away.